We thought it was proper to introduce ourselves somewhere on the site, should anyone be interested in knowing a little about who we are. Therefore, we have made this little section available.

Daniel Othfors

I was born in 1977, and I have been living in the south of Sweden all my life, except for six months between October 1999 and April 2000 when I lived and worked in London.

My interest in ocean liners started in 1990 when I was 13 years old, when I read the book 'Havets öga' ('The Eye of the Ocean') by the Swedish author Lennart Hagerfors. The book was about the Titanic-disaster and ever since I read it, my interest in ocean liners started to grow.

Another great interest of mine is theatre, and I have been acting occasionally since 1995, only on stage.

The idea of creating a website about the great ocean liners came in 1998, and the idea was Henrik's. I always find it amazing how much I have learned when I have been writing my articles. And although I'm not that productive in writing new articles today, I still hope you will all enjoy 'The Great Ocean Liners' as immensly as I have!


Henrik Ljungström

I was born in 1979, and I too have lived all my life in the south part of Sweden. My interest in ocean liners and the sea awoke when in the early 1990s I saw the movie 'S.O.S. Titanic' on television. As with so many people before and since, I was fascinated with the dramatic story. I started reading books on the subject, and my interest started to expand into liners in general, and not just the Titanic. In 1998, the idea of making a website on the subject came to me, and having known Daniel for nearly all my life I suggested that we should do it together. And here we are now.

Besides my interest in ocean liners, I also have a passion for music. I have been playing various instruments since my childhood, and I am quite a skilled bass-player if I may say so myself!

Since we first launched this website back in 1999, a lot has happened in our lives. Personally I have studied to become a teacher, and my hobbies have shifted into other not-so-maritime ones. As a result, our updates on TGOL have decreased more and more. Nevertheless, a new article may pop up now and then, so I hope you will keep checking in from time to time. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy your visit here at 'The Great Ocean Liners'!