During the time that we have maintained this website, we have received many questions concerning the subject of ocean liners. We have always done our best to answer them, but since many questions are very similar, we decided to put up this section to answer the most common ones directly on the site. This will hopefully be useful to our visitors as well, since they will not have to wait for us to answer via e-mail.
Question: I am looking for information on a ship, and I can not find anything about it on The Great Ocean Liners. Can you help?
Answer: There are many other good websites that have a lot of information about ships. Before you contact us with a query, you should have a look at the following links first:
Question: I am trying to find a passenger- or crew manifest for a certain ship or voyage. Can you help?
Answer: We are only two people who run and maintain this website, and we have no possibility of searching for such records, let alone do we have any in our possession. However, there are many websites that can help you in your quest!
Question: I am researching my family's history, and I need help in locating one or several of my ancestors. Can you help?
Answer: No. The Great Ocean Liners is a website about ships and the history of shipping - not genealogy. For help on this subject, please visit the following websites instead!
Question: I have in my possession an item from or related to an ocean liner. Can you tell me if it holds any value?
Answer: We are not very knowledgeable when it comes to ocean liner memorabilia, and therefore we can not estimate the value of such items. But there are plenty of good dealers of memorabilia on the Internet that can help you.
Question: Why have you not updated the site lately?
Answer: To begin with, there are only two people behind all the material published on this website. Naturally, that makes it hard for us to produce enough material to update the site regularly. Furthermore, and more importantly, a lot has happened since we first started this website back in 1999. Since then, our interest in ocean liners has - quite frankly - diminished to a considerable degree, and we simply do not have the passion required to publish new articles all the time. That said, we do not rule out the possibility of a few upgrades now and then, but we cannot guarantee anything. We hope you understand this, and that you nevertheless can find enjoyment from the material that is already published on TGOL. After all, it is a considerable handfull.
If these answers did not provide you with the desired information, please go back to the Contact Us-section! Alternatively, you could join our Facebook page, and post your query there. As an ever-growing community of ship enthusiasts, it is a great source of knowledge!