In this section, we have gathered links to such websites that we feel are well worth a visit. Those sites that are marked with a small TGOL-porthole are proud winners of our own 'The Ocean Liner Resource Award'.
General Maritime Sites
Lost Liners
While bringing the memories of the golden era of ocean travel back to life, Lost Liners also presents information on the wrecks of great sunken liners.
Luxury Liners of the Past   A constantly growing website by Jeanene Pedee, covering the history of famour ocean liners and shipping companies. Illustrated with pictures of ocean liner memorabilia. 
The Red Duster By Malcolm Pickhaver, this site is about the merchant marine of Great Britain. Very much info on some of the less known shipping companies can be found here.
Lars Poulsen's Maritime Hjemmeside   A maritime site with various contents, including a massive link-library. Unfortunately, this site is available only in Danish.
Maritime Matters   If you want to keep up to date on the latest news from the cruising industry, this is probably THE site to visit. You can also find articles on many ships of past and present. 
Royal Regals of the Sea   By Bryan R. Guinn, this site tells the stories of some of the world's most famous ships.
Monsters of the Sea   Another historic ocean liner site, with a large photo archive and a massive guestbook.
Great Ships   Illustrated with a very large collection of photos and postcards, this site offers information on a great number of ships.
Axel Nelson's Old Ship Page   An extensive Swedish site, although also available in English, it contains info on ships of past and present. There is also a gallery of maritime art.
Fakta om fartyg   A very extensive website, created and maintained by Micke Asklander. Here you can track down more than 1,000 ferrys and ro-ro ships etc. The database gives the basic facts as well as pictures. This site is available only in Swedish, but still well worth a look for international visitors.
Cruising the 21st Century A Dutch website by Onno Heesbeen, that presents many nice pictures of the great ships in service today.
Willem's Maritime Pages A site by Willem van der Leek, once a bellboy on board the classic liner Rotterdam. Willem's site keeps an eye on the world on Holland America Line of past and present, and gives the visitor the latest news about the Rembrandt.
RMS Olympic & RMS Caronia   This site by Brian Hawley presents the histories of the Olympic and Caronia in very good detail. The site's design and layout is very nice, which makes for a pleasant visit.
Fred Claessen's Maritime Memories   On this website, Fred Claessen shares the tale of his life as crewmember or passenger on board an impressive number of cruiseships. His maritime memories are chronicled in text, images and videos. 
The Ocean Liner   A very good site by Daniel Grossman, which focuses on the famous transatlantic ocean liners of the early 20th century and their roles as important national symbols in the rivalry between Britain and Germany.
Sites about specific ships
The Crow's Nest Created by Steve Matthews, this site is unquestionably the most comprahensive about the great P&O-liner Canberra
A tribute to a great liner of yesteryear SS America / SS Australis   By Australian Darren Byrne, this is an extensive site about the older sibling of the United States. The massive photo archive is a true treat.
SS United States   Created by Mike Alexander. The purpose of this site is to create a global awareness of the United States' existence in order to save this great ship. On this site, you can tour the ship on-line and see how she looks today. 
The Official Queen Mary Website   This site contains very much information on the Queen Mary - both her career as a ship and as a hotel.
Andrea Doria - Tragedy and Rescue at Sea Anthony Grillo, who as a boy survived the Andrea Doria-disaster, has created this extensive site about the ill-fated Italian liner. With many pictures, much info on the people involved and the Andrea Doria's wreck as it appears today, this site is a marvellous resource on the subject. 
SS Australis Home Page   Created by Ken Ironside, this site is a tribute to the America, later Australis. Much information, plus a large collection of pictures of the wreck as it looks today.
The Britannic By Michail Michailakis, this site is dedicated solely to the HMHS Britannic. Telling her story in a vivid and detailed way, Michail has made a great tribute to the last liner of the Olympic-class. 
S/S Stefan Batory Polish Ocean Liner   Probably the only website in the world dedicated solely to the Stefan Batory, once the flagship of the Polish merchant fleet. 
The SS Great Britain's Official Website   The website of the foundation that owns and maintains the preserved Great Britain.
The QE2 Home Page   Certainly one of the best websites about Cunard's QE2.
America's Flagship SS United States.   Created by Richard April, this website offers very much information on the great United States, including an extensive photo section.
The Official RMS Republic Website Undoubtedly the most informative site about the White Star liner Republic. Here you can read about her history, as well as salvage efforts.
S.S. Ceramic Created by Frank McCormick, this is a website dedicated to the White Star liner Ceramic. It is essentially a research page inviting contacts rather than informative, but it is growing at a steady pace.
The Ultimate Imperator   This site, by Cameron Scholes, is actually an Internet community solely about the great German Imperator from 1913. It is a work in progress, and members can contribute with their own thoughts or material to improve the site.
Project Michelangelo This website by Kalle Id is dedicated to the Michelangelo and Raffaello, but it also gives some info on the Italia Line in general and some of their vessels. Well worth a look.
RMS Caronia Timeline   A very comprehensive website by Peter Stevens, with the ambitious aim of detailing, on a day-by-day basis, the career of "the post-war jewel of the British Merchant Navy", the green goddess Caronia.
Shipping Line Sites
Cunard Line   The legendary shipping company presents its history online. Includes an amazing record of all the company's vessels through history.
The Unofficial Holland Amerika Home Page Care to learn about the splendid 133 year history of the Holland Amerika Line? You can find most of it on this well-researched and extensive site.
A Tribute to the Swedish American Line   By Lars Hemingstam, this site gives a splendid overview of the great 'White Viking Fleet' of the Swedish American Line. 
The French Lines   Keeping up the archives research centre of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and the Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes in Le Havre, France, this site offers information about those companies and some of their most famous ships. 
Vereniging "De Lijn"   This is the website of the Association Vereniging "De Lijn", founded by some ex-employees of the Holland-America Line. Mostly in Dutch, but the site has an English summary as well. Indeed worth a visit.
Merchant Sites
Hansen Fine Art A London-based dealer of beautiful prints, available in different sizes. They offer a wealth of lovely ocean liner images, as well as naval and aviation motifs.
Cabin Class This site offers a wide range of quality ocean liner memorabilia, from postcards to buttons from crew-uniforms. They can also help in evaluating items for you.
Maiden Voyage Booksellers Looking for a book about ocean liners? Then this is the site to visit. Maiden Voyage Booksellers provides a great range of books, postcards and ephemera on ships. 
Simplon Postcards This site offers a wide selection of liner and cruise ship postcards.
Nautiques An experienced dealer of ocean liner antiques, who just recently opened their website. Their stock ranges from tea cups from the Queen Mary and post cards from the Lusitania to furniture from the United States and deck plans from the Normandie.
Loov Trading This company markets professionally built ship models, after clients' requirements. The products are costly, but they are also extremely beautiful.
Collectics Antiques & Collectibles Large, eclectic mix of consignment shop, antiques & collectibles mall, bookstore, reference information, arts & events magazine, collecting web directory, and museum featuring Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Arts & Crafts design.
Luxury Liner Row  Shipping world-wide, this site specialises in ocean liner collectibles and memorabilia from travel's golden age.
Miscellaneous Sites
Table Bay Underway Shipping - Ship Photographers   This Cape Town-based company provides photographs of a wide range of ships. 
Reflections - 20th Century Images   A very extensive collection of old photographs, mainly taken before the 1960s. Be sure to have a look at the maritime section!
The Scandinavian Titanic Society   On this site you can get familiar with, and perhaps become a member of, Scandinavia's own Titanic Society.
The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives This site presents a very extensive private collection of historical material. The maritime sections offer a wealth of material, including passenger lists, postcards and more.