Maritime Trivia
Future Leviathans What will future ships look like? Henrik has taken a look on two of the greatest projects on the drawing board today.
Intended Giants of the Seas An insight into some of those great ocean liners that never came into exsistance, damned by war, poor economics or better replacements.
Queen Mary 2 Henrik's views and opinions on Cunard's giant project.
The Nomadic & Traffic The story of the two White Star tenders that were especially constructed to serve the Olympic-class liners.
The Royal Warship Wasa The story of one of Sweden's greatest ship of the 17th century.
Facts & Figures
Fleet Indexes Complete listings of various shipping lines' fleets.
The Blue Riband A complete listing of every ship in history that has possessed the Blue Riband.
The Evolution of Size A comparison chart of famous ships, from Great Western to Independence of the Seas.
The Largest Ships in the World A list of the largest passenger vessels ever constructed beginning with the Great Western. Ships are listed both according to tonnage and length.