Last update was on June 24th 2014.
June 24th: The Great Ocean Liners has launched its very own Facebook page! There, we will be posting photographs and various maritime tidbits, but above all, we hope that it will become a vibrant forum for discussions about ships and shipping. You are most welcome to join the community!
March 9th: Major change: due to problems with our domain registrar, we lost our old domain name which has served us since 2001. From now on, you will find us on our new URL: Please update your bookmarks accordingly! We apologise for the inconvenience.
March 29th: Another two years since our last update... Daniel has touched up his lists of the largest and longest passenger ships throughout history, to bring them up to date with the giant cruise ships of recent years. In accordance, we have also added two new profiles to our "evolution in size" chart, to give our readers a clear view of how large these new ships are compared to the ships of yesteryear.
July 15th: It has been almost three years (!) since the last update. My, how time flies. A lot has happened since we first started this website back in 1999. Since then, our interest in ocean liners has - quite frankly - diminished to a considerable degree, and we simply do not have the passion required to publish new articles all the time. That said, we do not rule out the possibility of a few upgrades now and then... This update, however, is a general overhaul of the site. A lot of broken links have been removed or fixed, and a few cosmetic updates have been done as well. The most important updates, though, concerns ships which has seen some changes in the past few years. Our articles have been brough up-to-date, quite simply, and the ones in question are QE2, Kungsholm, France/Norway, Empress of Canada, Oriana, Statendam, Southern Cross, United States and the Stockholm.