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America (II)

1940 – 1994 / Also known as Australis, Italis, Noga, Alferdoss, and American Star / The greatest American-built ship of her time, the America was the pride of the US merchant fleet and had a long career under various flags. She is perhaps best known for her tragic demise; grounded on the rocks of Fuerteventura, she was broken in half and slowly destroyed by the forces of nature.

Stockholm (III)

1948 – Present Day / Also known as Völkerfreundschaft, Volker, Italia, Italia Prima, Valtur Prima, Caribe, Athena, Azores, and Astoria / A smaller ship of the Swedish-American Line, the Stockholm became famous when she collided with and sank the Andrea Doria in 1956. The ship survived and would have a long career and remarkably, she is still in service today, although heavily rebuilt and virtually unrecognisable.

La Marseillaise

1949 – 1961 / Also known as Maréchal Pétain, Arosa Sky, and Bianca C / Built for the route connecting France to Southeast Asia, the changing political climate soon led to her sale and transfer to other flags. She burned and sank in the waters off Grenada in 1961, and today, her wreck is known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’.