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Stockholm (III)

1948 – Present Day / Also known as Völkerfreundschaft, Volker, Italia, Italia Prima, Valtur Prima, Caribe, Athena, Azores, and Astoria / A smaller ship of the Swedish-American Line, the Stockholm became famous when she collided with and sank the Andrea Doria in 1956. The ship survived and would have a long career and remarkably, she is still in service today, although heavily rebuilt and virtually unrecognisable.

Gripsholm (II)

1957 – 2001 / Also known as Navarino and Regent Sea / Originally part of the ‘White Viking Fleet’, the second Gripsholm remained with SAL until the company folded. The ship went on to serve other companies in the cruising industry, but was lost in 2001, while under tow off the Cape of Good Hope.

Kungsholm (IV)

1966 – 2015 / Also known as Sea Princess (I), Victoria (II), Mona Lisa, and Oceanic II / The largest and fastest, but also final ship built for the Swedish-American Line, the fourth Kungsholm was the crowning achievement of the ‘White Viking Fleet’. When the company folded, she went on to have a career under many different flags, but was sadly beached at Alang in 2015 and dismantled there.