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Stockholm (III)

1948 – Present Day / Also known as Völkerfreundschaft, Volker, Italia, Italia Prima, Valtur Prima, Caribe, Athena, Azores, and Astoria / A smaller ship of the Swedish-American Line, the Stockholm became famous when she collided with and sank the Andrea Doria in 1956. The ship survived and would have a long career and remarkably, she is still in service today, although heavily rebuilt and virtually unrecognisable.

Southern Cross

1955 – 2003 / Also known as Calypso, Calypso I, Azure Seas, and OceanBreeze / Breaking the mould with an innovative exterior design, the long career of the Southern Cross would see her go from being daring and new to representing the old guard among modern cruise ships. Remarkably, she survived into the 21st century, but was ultimately sent to the breakers.

Statendam (IV)

1957 – 2004 / Also known as Rhapsody and Regent Star / One of the larger and faster additions to the Holland-America Line’s fleet in the post-war years, the fourth Statendam remained with the company into the eighties. Her career continued with other companies, and she managed to survive into the 21st century before finally being sold for scrap.

Empress of Canada (III)

1961 – 2003 / Also known as Mardi Gras, Star of Texas, Lucky Star, and Apollon / Part of the revitalisation of the Canadian-Pacific fleet, the third Empress of Canada is arguably best remembered for becoming the first ship of the Carnival cruise fleet as the Mardi Gras.